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Leading Medical Education Platform HowItreat.MD
SEI Healthcare has completed a rebranding of one of its core HCP educational platforms and launched the rebranded The new site offers new media formats to make information more accessible and engaging for healthcare professionals.
As a global Independent Medical Organisation, SEI Healthcare has rebranded, intending to create one of the best HCP educational platforms. What makes this new site unique is that it caters to the ever-changing educational landscape with engaging, interactive, and multimodal services.
The reasoning behind this embrace of new media formats is simple. Like most students, healthcare professionals learn most effectively through interactive methods. The latest platform provides access to world-renowned experts across 27 therapeutic specialties. From virtual patient simulations to podcasts and webinars, SEI Healthcare has aimed to provide for all.
There are multiple learning methods currently available for healthcare professionals on the site. Each medium provides insightful, engaging, and active ways of learning.
Live workshops have been a much-anticipated feature of the site, and with good reason. In an age where everyone from college students to advertisers experience digital fatigue, interactive learning and live feedback have never been more welcome. The new workshops ensure there’s no need to wait three weeks for a professor’s feedback—a student can receive it there and then. Not only that, the discussions allow HCPs to engage with world-renowned experts.
The leading medical education platform contains multiple example videos of patient cases of different varieties. From Crohn’s disease to acne or how to treat Asymptomatic Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia

lethargy, the topics range wildly. These video case studies take readers through the affliction of the patient, backed by insights from experts from all over the world.
Popular patient’s cases currently include therapeutic drug monitoring in a patient with Crohn’s disease, a 72-year-old woman with worsening pain, and a 10-year-old boy with failure to catch-up growth. The subjects are specific and detailed, allowing practitioners to address real-world situations.
Besides live interaction, SEI Healthcare also publishes its workshops. HCPs can watch the workshop itself before learning how to treat the patient’s cases. It’s another mode of interactive learning that SEI has embraced to optimize its site users’ chances of retaining information.
Only just revamped, the site will only grow in resources and information as time goes on. With world-renowned experts, informative videos, and a mission to make the world’s medical information more accessible & useful, no matter where practitioners hail from, SEI’s innovations will achieve just that.


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